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Codlo is a powerful controller that allows anyone to cook using sous-vide at home. Sous-vide is a method of cooking various foods at a precise temperature for long lengths of time. This allows you to get perfectly cooked food every time. Codlo pairs with the users own water bath / rice cooker and works by controlling the temperature very accurately to 0.1°c. 

Codlo efficiently pairs with your rice or slow cooker, turbocharging it into an amazing cooking machine.

Centreline were involved from the concept design phase, which then led through to 3D CAD engineering, electronic design and fully working prototypes. Our design and prototypes played a huge part in Codlo’s successful Kickstarter campaign. We were also able to develop innovative electronics to allow Codlo to challenge it’s competitors technologically.


Concept design
Concept development
3D CAD engineering
Electronics design

Solidworks, Photoshop

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