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“We were thrilled to hear that bagels are literally rolling off the shelves across the UK so set about developing this innovative design so that Brits can enjoy our authentic bagels just the way they should be, whether at home or on the go. The NY Bagel protector is a worlds first and if it proves popular with our Facebook fans we will definitely consider making it available in bagel aisles across the country” – Pauline Clement, Brand Manager for New York Bakery Co.

Recent statistics showed a 44% increase in Bagel sales across the UK, it was recognised that a way of protecting them was required. Centreline were approached to design, develop and manufacture a low volume production run product that the NY Bakery Co could use as part of a promotional competition for customers to win.

Client: NY Bagel Company

Concept design
Concept development

Solidworks, Photoshop, KeyShot

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