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The entire LapCabby range of laptop, netbook or tablet trolleys come with all kinds of features and design benefits to help them meet the many needs of the classroom — helping make IT use in schools as enjoyable and easy as possible.

To keep children safe around our laptop trolleys, we designed the power points to be hidden behind a concealed door release — which keeps children from discovering the electrical compartment.

We fitted rounded corner bumpers to protect classroom and corridor walls, and added heavy-duty lockable wheels for easy mobility and storage. The key for our dual-point locking system is also cleverly located on the top of the trolley to avoid damage. So it’s simple to wheel the trolley wherever it’s needed, without damaging the school building.

All our LapCabby mobile computer cabinets come with the revolutionary Power7 Timer which provides Energy Saving Power Management. Easily adjustable timers allows for Economy 7 charging as well as daytime charging when needed. There are also 7 different charging schedules that can be programmed, allowing you to set a different schedule for every day of the week.

 With our power saving features, you can quickly and simply programme your laptop trolley to suit your changing classroom schedule. Charging can even be set to turn off after a certain period of time to protect the battery life of your computers. Plus unique sequential switches also prevent circuit breakers from overloading.

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