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Angle and Curves aim was to bring a “new standard of English audio excellence” to the market. Using our extensive knowledge in all aspects of product development, we gave them just that.


“Angle & Cure Carboncans – A sexy design with super lightweight durability – in part due to its flexible nylon carbon composite material – offer what might be our favourite pair of travel, work/play headphones. Hand built in Stratford Upon Avon, UK, the fold-up weatherproof design and matte Black with Gold finish present a pair of headphones with an air of sophistication matched by quality of ergonomic comfort and a neutral sound which plays nice with all genres of music. Carboncans operated brilliantly as a daily accessory, comfortable for hours at a time.” Design-milk.com


Angle & Curve

Concept design
Concept development
3D Engineering

Solidworks, Keyshot

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